Vivacious is leading yii php development company.

Now We are prefering using Yii framework in Major development work. Checkout below reason why Yii Framework is our First Choice in development :

1. Yii has Web GUI based GII module for generate module, model, controller and views

2. In GII You can select which view you want to create or not by selecting in one screen only.

3. Creating Model in Gii Provide AutoPopulate Table Names to selection

4. Yii has in-build ORM module (Yii Active Record) to making query faster, validate and secure.

5. Yii is faster then other framework and can integrate with CMS e.g. WordPress, Drupal etc.

6. Yii come with all major sql and no-sql database support.

7. Yii has growing forum community and extensions list

8. Yii is build for development faster and provide delivery to client on time. The Gii Module generate the require structured CRUD with all the basic input validation, search and listing, view and update functionality. Web Developer/Coder has to change the code according to require.

Above list is suggested by our development team who are working on live projects in Using Yii Framework rather than other php framework.Yes, we agree every framework has advantages and disadvantages in the development and we select the framework as per project requirement but currently Yii Framework is filling all our development requirement and BECOME No. 1 for Our development work.

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