Appcelerator’s foremost product is an open source application development platform – the Titanium Development Platform. Titanium facilitates the creation of native mobile, desktop and tablet applications using existing web skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, etc. It has a platform-independent API to access native UI components together with menus, navigation bars, alerts and dialog boxes, and native device functionality including network and local database, file system, sound, and more.

There are two main tools:

1. Titanium Mobile - enables the development of native Android, iPhone, iPad and such applications. The software eases developer’s task by providing access to over 300 APIs that help them build fully featured applications

2. Titanium Desktop - enables the development of applications for Windows, Linux, and OSX platforms. Desktop applications have customized operating system specific UI, database access, receive notifications, offline functionality, and play multimedia

Since the launch of Appcelerator Titanium, it is observed that customers embrace an open approach to mobile development to decipher their problems of fragmentation coming from a variety of mobile OS providers. According to a recent study, over 1.5 million Appcelerator developers have built more than 25,000 applications across Android, iOS, and BlackBerry platforms and tens of thousands more for the web and desktop by now. From large companies to independent developers, Appcelerator’s community and customers have embraced Titanium, and its open source base, as key to their long-term mobile development strategy.

Appcelerator Titanium builds a fully native application by divulging just about a thousand features to developers. For an instance, NBC for iPad recently has reached number 1 in the Apple App Store due to its ability to tap in all the native capabilities offered on the iPad.

Titanium makes native application development for cross-platform native easy for professionals and enable them to launch support for extra scripting languages, device-specific functionality, media codecs and much more. Also, once built, Titanium based applications can be tested, and distributed via the Appcelerator Network cloud services. The Titanium platform is open source, so one can access the source code to the entire application at any time for his own use.

Titanium applications are divided into the following parts:

The html/ JavaScript/CSS code that makes up UI and the core application logic

The APIs that access native desktop/device functionality, or other modular functionality

The language – OS relationship that compiles web code into native application code

The run-time shell for cross-platform distribution

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