When it comes to cashing on the technology, iPhone application development is second to none. The scope of iPhone application development is currently infinite and the money that is being involved in this is also growing exponentially. The main reason for this is the marketing strategy of Apple Inc. the manufacturers of iPhone and the technical development of new applications to add to the features of the iPhone.

Let us first see the marketing strategy of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. wants the iPhone to handle all the applications possible. If the features of the iPhone are attractive and cater to the needs of the users it is obviously going to increase the sale of iPhones. Noteworthy is the initiative taken by Apple Inc. The Apple Store is totally dedicated to selling the iPhone applications. This online store encourages the iPhone application developers to convert the ideas into realistic application that are commercially viable and generate revenue. When the application developer submits the application to the iStore for selling it, he/she gets 70% of the proceeds and also feels honored that his/her application is being sold through the Apple Store. On the other hand the newly developed application strengthens the iPhone by adding features to it. The addition of new features and applications adds to the popularity of the iPhone.

The number of iPhones sold in the market has grown to such an extent that the iPhone users now form a different market segment. There are many businesses that have realized the importance of being accessible through the iPhone. These sorts of businesses want their websites to be compatible with the operating system and platform of the iPhone. This is another way to generate business. There are technical similarities among the operating system and platform used in iPhone, iPad and iPod. This means that the applications that were developed to work on the iPad and iPod should work effectively and efficiently on the iPhone too.

Application development does not only mean developing business oriented application but also covers other sectors such as entertainment and socializing. Once an idea comes into your mind, you have to first think about its utility and demand of it among the prospective buyers. The next step is budgeting and then asking the application developers to develop the application. One should assure that the application developed is neither copied nor obsolete. The price quoted should also be affordable. If the price tag is very high there are chances that the number of takers could be very less.

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